Should the last month of school matter to students?

Jane Elkins, Editorials Editor

Every student, parent, and teacher knows that the last month of school is a joke. Students watch movies, play games, and sit around on their phones and get nothing done. This is why I believe that the last month of school is excessive and pointless.

The last month of school leaves students pretty much twiddling their thumbs and counting down the days until the end of the year. To make matter even worst, they are trapped inside a hot building instead of enjoying the nice summer weather.

However, it’s still important to note that there are some reasons why school goes so deep into summer. Administrators and school officials want to ensure that all students have adequate time to finish all their curriculum and prep for SOLs and exams.

“The main thing that I have been doing all May is reviewing and studying for my SOLs and exams.” Freshman Anna Delaney said.
Although many people would consider this to be a good reason, but I disagree.

Yes, we have finals and SOLs, but we are given a month to prepare, which is more than enough time. I believe our time would be better spent if we had our finals earlier so we could get a head start on summer.

Especially since the start date of school has been made earlier to August 26th, students should have more time in June to enjoy their summer. Although school officials have tried to accommodate students by ending school on the 13th, the change barely impacts the overall length of summer vacation.

Additionally, the school year has already been in the process of winding down since early May. Students are beginning to become restless and wasting time in class doing nothing only worsens students attitude.

We’re overworked, over tested, and done with school. The most academic thing we do at the end of the school year is the occasional classroom activity or kahoot. There’s absolutely no point in coming to school to just sit around doing nothing.

County officials should consider moving final exams to earlier dates to allow students more time to enjoy summer.