Is this the end of Netflix?

NBC, Disney, and other companies now have their own streaming apps


The Office is one of many programs that will be taken off Netflix by the end of 2020. NBC now has its own streaming platform called NBC Universal, where subscribers of its parent company, Comcast, as well as subscribers of other TV services such as AT&T and Dish. The service, which will have ads, will also be available to other viewers for a fee of about $12 a month.

Jane Elkins, Editorials Editor

Netflix has had a huge amount of success in the past couple of years, especially considering how it has only been streaming content since 2007. 

It now has a little under 200 million users worldwide and is only growing in size. Having Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. 

It has become a big and essential part of millions of American lives.

Unfortunately, people will no longer be able to enjoy the luxury of bingeing all their favorite movies and TV shows on one site.

 Big film companies such as Disney, WarnerMedia, and Universal, as well as TV studios like NBC, have mostly focused on big-screen cinema releases and releasing shows on their own separate channels. 

Now, however, those companies want to start launching their own streaming services. 

As good as that might sound, it means all of their content on Netflix will be taken off and moved to their own sites. 

This means that NBC shows The Office and Friends, as well as all Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies,  will move to NBC Universal and Disney Plus, respectively. 

In the future, if users want to achieve the same effect as Netflix, they will have to pay for more subscriptions and begin paying higher prices for smaller amounts of content.

This large amount of streaming services is why companies such as Netflix have been avidly pumping out original film and TV. 

It is obvious that they are trying to make up for the loss of so many popular shows that bring in lots of money for their service. When good movies or shows get removed, Netflix gets the blame, not the studios. 

So Netflix is beginning to spend more and more money on original content.

Netflix is still a newer company, but it is one that is slowly losing its stocks and keeps spending millions of money creating new film and TV at a rate that is unsustainable. 

Although some Netflix originals have been well received, many are mediocre at best and lose more money than they bring in.

To bring in more money and keep the company up, Netflix will need to make the general public happy by pushing out great shows with plots that rival those that are leaving to join other streaming sites.