Meet English Teacher Morgan Shaughnessy

Khadija Ahmed, Jamileh Hamadeh, and Erik Rivas-Martinez

Morgan Shaughnessy is a ninth-grade English teacher. She started teaching at Annandale High School a few months ago due to her predecessor, Melissa Phillips-Reavis, departing the school on maternity leave. Shaughnessy gets to school early to prepare for her students, and also leaves early around 4 pm to plan and work from the comfort of her home in Arlington. She currently has a scavenger hunt for annotations planned for her classes to take part in using the book they are reading in class. Shaughnessy is clearly well-liked by her students. Freshmen Danya Khreshi and Finn Islam, two of her students, both attest to her easygoing yet attentive attitude. Next year, she is moving to Austin, Texas, bringing her short but pleasant tenure at Annandale to a close.