Quiz: are you an insomniac?

1. How much of your day do you spend on your assignments?

a) From the second I walk in my house until I cannot keep my eyes open any longer.

b) Only a couple hours

c) I finish my R3 homework in R1

2. What do you do over your weekends?

a) Spanish essay, history powerpoint and English annotations

b) I hang out with my friends and usually get to my homework on Sunday afternoon

c) What did I NOT do?

3. Do you watch a lot of television?

a) Only if I have to watch the news for a social studies assignment

b) No, but I have a few shows that I watch religiously

c) What else are the hours of 2-11 p.m. for?

4. How are your grades?

a) Not high…. enough!

b) Pretty strong, I would like to try to improve a few

c) Uh-oh, the quarter ends this week?

5. What are you most looking forward to?

a) My University of Virginia acceptance letter

b) Duh, summer 2010!

c) The end of my high school career

6. Do you attend any AHS after-school functions?

a) Yeah, I am captain of the soccer team and a member of seven clubs that meet after school

b) Yeah, I went to Heritage Night. I also go to football games and some district games for other sports

c) Nope, that would require me to get off my couch and I am simply not up for that kind of an effort.

Mostly A’s

BREATHE; you have forgotten how to. The world will not end if you get a B+, and remember that the high school experience is not all about grades. Go to a lacrosse game or take a trip to the park; see what else is out there. You know how to get your work done, but there has to be a balance or you will go crazy!

Mostly B’s

You seem to have a pretty good idea of what is going on. Keep up the strong effort and maybe your grades will swing in your favor. Stay after school and get a little extra help from that teacher whose class you are not quite understanding, but do not forget your shopping trip scheduled after that!

Mostly C’s

Get your act together! You clearly are not focused on what is important, which is school. You know, that place where you get up and go to Monday through Friday? Try to turn off the Xbox, cell phone, and television and see what surprises appear in your backpack. That stuff called homework has its name for a reason.