Who would have thought? Weekly fun facts

Who would have thought? Weekly fun facts

Every week, you will have an opportunity here to find interesting facts surrounding a certain theme. This week’s theme is teen driving.

AHS students often hear the poor result of bad decision making while driving. According to GMAC Insurance, there are five simple mistakes teen drivers can rectify in order to avoid crashes.

1). Drivers often forget to look in their rearview mirrors when backing up, or do not do so thoroughly. When this occurs, they are prone to being involved in an accident caused by their lack of caution. Looking in the rearview mirror can allow for drivers to avoid accidents in parking lots and other close-quartered areas.

2). When making a left-hand turn, drivers often fail to consider all potential dangers in front of them, including pedestrians and turning vehicles. Make sure to check the road before making a left turn.

3). Playing music, singing and any other form of multitasking while driving can be an easy source of accidents. If you have a had a particularly long day at school or work, simply drive to your destination without the clutter of noise and food so as to avoid simple, but potentially lethal mistakes.

4). Leave room! When driving, teens have a tendency to crowd the room of the cars in front of them, leaving little time for reaction to rapid braking. When we are in a hurry, it is easy to crowd upon the room in front of your car, but try to maintain some space.

5). Finally, be careful when you merge. GMAC Insurance reports that an easily avoidable error is misinterpreting the movements of the car in front of you in a merge lane. Sometimes, cars may stop before you have a chance to follow suit, and can result in a fender bender.

Information based on research from GMAC Insurance Group