Why I like Romney


The best Commander-in-Chief should be aware of all the obstacles facing the United States and should have logical solutions to those hindrances. Governor Romney would make a great president because he understands pressing issues and has applicable plans.

Governor Romney has been successful in business. From that knowledge and experience Governor Romney can implement policies that will help businesses thrive. When businesses flourishes, more jobs are created and economic prosperity is energized. Governor Romney advocates a balanced budget. A balanced budget is essential to the well being of of America. It enables the United States to restrict the colossal multiplying deficit. A growing deficit generates escalating interest payments, limiting choices of beneficial programs.

The United States prospers with an adept and skillful workforce. Governor Romney welcomes intelligent, capable and law abiding immigrants to the United States, but restricts illegal immigration. Children of illegal immigrants can confirm their allegiance by serving in the military and can become permanent residents.

Governor Romney has stressed the importance of energy independence. This would be beneficial to the United States as it would keep the energy revenue in the United States. The United States would also be guarded from treacherous manipulation by foreign energy suppliers with divergent interests that could jeopardize our national security.

Governor Romney highlights the importance of strong relations with our ally Israel. A close ally in the Middle East remains imperative. Governor Romney condemns Iranian nuclear capability as a detriment to the world peace and stability. He intends to tighten U.N. sanctions and their enforcement.

Governor Romney would make an excellent Commander-in-Chief, because of his knowledge of significant issues and his pertinent plans.A