The future of AHS: rising freshman


Andrew Peters

Hunter Sloan is a rising freshman from Poe Middle School.

Hunter Sloan is a rising freshman who is currently attending Poe Middle School. He is

looking forward to playing basketball and participating in the marching band at AHS.

Sloan currently plays on the rising freshman basketball team organized by AHS and

is doing marching band for Poe.

Sloan plans on contributing to AHS academically with good grades and through his

participation in the marching band and the basketball team.

Much of middle school is spent in anticipation for high school. Sloan is excited about

coming to Annandale.

“[I am] excited about meeting new people [and teachers],” Sloan said.

Most of his graduating class at Poe is coming to AHS. Having familiar faces making

his transition with him makes him feel more comfortable about coming to AHS.

Meeting new people can be a daunting task for all students, especially for rising freshmen.

This rule is true for Sloan as well. However, he thinks meeting new teachers and

“figuring my way around school” will be easier than meeting new people.

Math is Sloan’s favorite, but most challenging, subject. At AHS he wants to improve

his grades in math. Sloan likes Poe for its teachers and simple hallways.

He offers advice to Atoms old and new.

“Don’t change [yourself] for somebody. Be who you really are,” Sloan said.