Facts about Food

Photo from www.internetnews.com

Photo from www.internetnews.com


1. “Watermelon has 1200 varieties.”


2. “The smaller the berry, the sweeter it is”


3. “When honey is consumed, it will enter your bloodstream within 20 minutes.”


4. “The term pound cake originated from the pound of butter needed to make it.”


5. “Bubble gum flavor comes from the mixture of wintergreen, vanilla, and cassia (a type of cinnamon)”


6. “Popcorn has existed for about 6000 years.”


7. “The first hamburger was invented by Louis Lassen in 1900. He took some ground beef and broiled it, then served the patty in between toast.”


8. “To prevent bananas from turning brown, put them in the refrigerator. You may also squeeze lemon juice on apples and bananas to prevent oxidation.”


9. “The world’s hottest pepper is Habanero. This is one of those important fun food facts to know in case anyone offers you a bite!”


10. “To reap the therapeutic benefits of green tea, you have to drink 4-5 cups everyday.”


11. “The color of a chili will not indicate its degree of spiciness. Usually the size indicates the spiciness. The smaller the chili or pepper, the hotter it will be.”


12. “To easily cut off fat from chicken or steak, slice them while they’re partially frozen.”


13. “Since the Hindus do not eat beef, New Delhi’s McDonald’s makes their burgers using mutton.”


14. “The more raw the fruit or vegetable is, the more nutritious it is. A freshly picked apple is way healthier than apple sauce, apple juice, and apple pie.”

Source: http://www.2020site.org/fun-facts/Fun-Food-Facts.html