Survey shows that students depend heavily on technology


In a recent survey conducted by The A-Blast, given to the AHS student body, results were uncovered about the frequency and influence of technology on daily life. From the 300 surveyed, 57 percent of those reported having iPhones, with only 6 percent reporting not having a phone at all. In regards to how frequently students use their gadgets, 25% of those surveyed said that they spent more than seven hours a day on their phone for non-school related purposes. 34 percent admitted to using some of that time during school – reporting that they use their phones more than seven times in a given school day. Students also showed how connected they were through the use of social media with more than 15 percent of those surveyed had at least one type of social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat included. Nonetheless, 63 percent of students claim that their increased networking and use of technology does not interfere with their learning. However, when asked whether or not their generation could be considered ‘dumb’ and whether technology creates a better society, the views were split 50-50.