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Should teens date in high school? -No

Yabi Bereket and Kimberly Vaides, Staff Writer and In-Depth Editor

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A relationship is between two individuals who devote time, commitment, share their difficulties and happiness with one another.

Can you imagine sharing a part of your life while trying to get your life together? A relationship collides with the overload of schoolwork, search for college, stress, and the fact that it may be too early to declare that everlasting love.

The question comes to light: are high school relationships worth the struggle?

Now, this is not us just ranting on the bitterness of being single, but rather genuine thoughts we’ve considered to make a valid argument.

The thought of having a high school sweetheart sounds wonderful; having someone love and cherish you. It is something we all eventually long for.

Yet, when looking at the chances, it seems like the balance tilts to one side; towards the jumpstart of your future rather than fulfilling a present relationship. If one of the two is lacking in success, the reasonable thing to do would be to drop one, to help the other grow; and in the case of high school dating, school typically comes first.

On top of that, a large majority of students do not seem mature enough to maintain a relationship that lasts more than a month. These relationships just come just as easily as they go for the most part.

“If I want a relationship, I want it to last,” sophomore Araceli Cabrera said, “I think that’s what everyone should strive for.”

It’s often said that this is the age to try new things to gain experience, but what could one possibly gain from just a month long fling?

I personally think it depends on the people in the relationship. Some people start dating someone solely because that person is their ‘type’ or their accomplishments and if that’s the case then I doubt it will last.

However some could last a while.”It really depends on the reason the people are dating and the type of people they are,” sophomore Feven Lebamu said.

The idea of a relationship actually lasting longer than a month, and consisting of mature feelings for one another regardless of their facade, is an absolute miracle.

Realistically, teenagers are unsuccessful in reaching stability and building up to maturity. Both in which are important in any relationship.

Another issue within high school relationships is communication. Expressing ourselves to others is a key component in our lives. The foundation of a strong healthy relationship is comforting communication and trust.

If you can barely retain a fluent one-on-one conversation with your partner, how will the relationship progress?

Additionally, being single can save yourself useless drama and a broken heart! If you and your partner break up, it won’t go away  because everyone keeps reminding you about it. So why bother risking a broken heart?

“It’s not impossible that high school relationships can not last, some [couples] end up actually getting married and having a future, but most of the time, high schoolers do not know the difference between love and lust,” said sophomore Hemen Besufekad.

Overall, our argument is not that it is impossible to find love or have a real relationship in high school, everyone’s situation is different for each of them.

However, is it not sensible to devote time and effort to finding yourself rather than looking for it into another?

And in the rare occasion that a relationship passes through high school and into college, long distance really doesn’t seem like the way to go.

Having to buy plane tickets to meet one another, and having poor connection over facetime, makes it seem as though the end to that chapter has come.

We should be exploring life beyond our boundaries; find ourselves, achieving personal goals, spending time with friends, experience life’s possibilities and enjoy ourselves. If you really look at it, you will be married to one individual for more than half your life. So why not take advantage of having only yourself to worry about and treat?

We are young and reckless. Nevertheless, dating in high school are the mistakes and experience we have during our lives.

For a majority of students, they put their future ahead of everything else, relationships are just out of the picture.

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Should teens date in high school? -No