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Statistics prove that suicide is prevalent

Erik Rivas-Martinez, Staff Writer

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Suicide is very prevalent in our society today because it overtakes three fourths of The United States death tolls. Homicide rates in The United states are 16,108 while suicide rates are 41,143. The only age where homicide rates occur more than suicide is between the ages of 0 and 14, 395 suicidal rates and 895 homicide rates. The age with the most suicidal rates is 45 to 54 standing at 8,621 and homicides at 1,989. For females, homicide rates are 3,317 and 9,659 for suicidal. For males, homicide is 12,486 and 33,110 for suicidal deaths. Virginia has 236 suicidal deaths and 58 homicide deaths. “These statistics are stunning, I think suicide should be more carefully approached,” said freshman Ashley Villatoro.

One of the most popular suicide places in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On average, people jump from the bridge once every two weeks.

A person jumping from the highest point of the bridge will drop 220 feet with that amount of force, it is an almost-immediate death.

Near the rails of the bridge where people jump there are signs that say “Crisis Counseling.” Another place that people commit suicide from is a bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida. The drop is about 175 feet. In order to try to help jumpers, six solar-powered phones were set up along the bridge and 24-hour patrols were initiated.

One more place in the us made the top 10 places to commit places, San Diego-Coronado Bridge, San Diego Bay, California. The drop is 200 feet, unsurprisingly, signs have been put up on the bridge urging people to turn back and call a hotline.          

“It was smart of them to put the signs up to show people that there’s more than to take your own life.” said freshmen Yahaira Paz.

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Statistics prove that suicide is prevalent