Fake news prominent in today’s society

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Fake news is widely spread around the world. Fake news is written and published to mislead audiences. This is can be recognized easily so you can tell whether it is true or not. First, you should always check the source to make sure it is genuine. Websites like CNN or The Washington Post are trustworthy sites. Next, make sure to check the quality of the site. Quality ensures whether the site can be trusted or not. Finally, check to see if there are any other sites that have written about the same issue. If there is, this means that the story is not made up and can be trusted.

 Some fake news stories are ‘an aquarium employee got fired for sexually assaulting an octopus,’ ‘an elderly lady taught 65 cats to steal from her neighbors,’ ‘Katy Perry is a cannibal,’ and ‘Virginia governor legalizes marijuana.’ All of the stories listed above are clearly fake news because they have nothing to back the story up and no basic facts or evidence. These stories were written to draw attention to their website and get people into believing the story is true.

Never believe every story you read on the web. As you can probably tell from these story headlines above, they want people to get drawn into reading this fake new. Hopefully, now you have a little more knowledge on how to tell if a story is fake or not.