Give video games a try

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Video games can be for de-stressing, fun, or played when bored. Many people around the world play video games. Some more than others. A lot of games that recently came out have been addicting to some teens. Video games that came out recently are Sims 4, Super Mario Odyssey, For Honor, and The Legend Of Zelda. On average teens in the U.S play video games for six and a half hours. You can play these games on PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and Nintendo.

Virtual reality games have recently come out and have been becoming more and more popular and advance. Virtual reality games come with goggles and a small hand control. These games allow you to get a high-quality 360-degree view of the game or scene making you feel like you are actually there. Some games you could experience on virtual reality are ‘escape the room’, hunting games, racing games, and even cooking games. These games basically make you feel like you are actually there by letting you walk around and see different views by turning your head.

Video games have been more accessible to teens during their day since they can access games on their phone. It gives them the same effect of using their video game console to play games. Some games they can access on their smartphones are Minecraft, racing games, shooting games, hunting games, and cooking games.

There are so many types of video game consoles and video games you could play and have fun with. Give it a try, you might like it!