Students react to New York bombing

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

On December 11, 2017, at around 7:20 AM a suicide attacker detonated a pipe bomb that was strapped to his chest right in the busiest subway station in Manhattan, New York. Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old from Bangladesh, used a homemade pipe bomb and when it went off, smoke erupted in the air and had all people around the incident running to safety. Fortunately, no one got hurt but three people were injured. The bomber was also alive and taken into custody.

“This incident was really unfortunate and it’s sad since it was from someone who has lived here for several years” says Freshman Finn Islam.
Akayed Ullah is a Bangladeshi immigrant who came to the U.S using an immigrant family visa. Many people who knew Ullah claim him to be a “very good guy” as this incident was not expected by them. Ullah has lived in Brooklyn, New York for several years after immigrating in 2011. Ullah admitted that he searched online on how to make a pipe bomb. He also told investigators that he had purchased the materials that he needed to make his bomb except for the pipe which he had gotten from the place he worked at as an electrician on 39th street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.
According to law enforcement, Ullah said he set the bomb off in revenge for American airstrikes in Syria.