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How NOT to break up with someone

Here are five methods that shouldn’t be used when ending a relationship in high school.

Kimberly Vaides, In-Depth Editor

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There are dozens of couples in the hallways that cling to each other in more ways than one. High school relationships are well-known for their displays of affection and rumors. When a couple calls it quits, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to do so.
Don’t make break ups any more dramatic than they need to be in high school.
Regardless of the grade you’re in, this decision should be done in a mature manner. These days, teenagers turn to social media to rant about a heartbreak. Some stay reserved about it, but rumors spread quickly.
The impulsiveness and immaturity of teens can severely damage the feelings of another when it comes to break ups.
Here are some heartless ways teenagers should not break up with someone.


Ranked first for the worst break up method, yet is a common and pathetic way to end things.
Sophomore Salvon Simmavong recalls the time she was cheated on and informed of it over FaceTime. She knew her then-boyfriend had been flirting with another girl, but didn’t think much of it. He confessed to her through FaceTime that he kissed another girl.
“I was devastated, honestly. I had never been cheated on before and it was my birthday, so it only made me feel worse,” Simmavong said. “It made me feel like I wasn’t good enough because he went after other girls.”
In a sense, relationships should be private. Another individual shouldn’t be used as an excuse to show loss of interest for your significant other. Not only should couples be respectful to their partners, others should be mindful and respectful to those in relationships as well. Cheating can tarnish someone’s faith in others, damage self-esteem and impact them in future relationships.


Ranked second, is ceasing complete communication and contact with your partner without any warning. This method is technically not a break up, but a technique to run away from a problem. It disregards the feelings of a partner, possibly leaving them bewildered and at a complete lost for long periods of time before they realize that they have been left. Instead, it’s better to give someone a reason for ghosting them and in return, the person should respect their decision.

Over DM or Text

Never recommended. This disrespectful method shows no empathy for the other party.
“My ex and I were just texting and having fun,” senior Angie Choi said. “Soon, he broke up with me saying it was him, not me. I felt hurt, sad and confused. It’s the worst because you don’t know how the guy looks when he is texting you and saying things can’t work out.”
It’s best to end things in person to settle any unresolved issues. It may not be the easiest thing, but it’s the right thing to do.

Through a friend

Sometimes, people will tell their partner’s best friend or acquaintance to tell them that they’re breaking up with them. Like the previous methods mentioned, this is an indirect way that can hurt. Don’t make someone the messenger. Nobody wants to carry someone else’s burden.

Keeping in Touch

After all is said and done, don’t lead an ex on. No matter the circumstances, break ups can be painful and difficult. Many people would like to stay friends with an ex, but it is nearly impossible. The wounds are still fresh and feelings cannot dissolve in a mere few hours. If the person who ended things keeps in touch with an ex, it can be difficult for both people to move on. It can also lead them on, whether it is intentional or not. Just don’t talk. It’s over. Spend some time apart from each other.

Ending things should be permanent. It shouldn’t mean having a change of heart two days later. If you are hesitant about breaking up because of external factors, don’t let it prevent you from alleviating yourself. It’s notorious that high school relationships aren’t built to last. Thus, any breakup in school should not halt one’s success in school. It should nudge one’s attention towards a more academic focus and finding one’s own character.

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How NOT to break up with someone