Procrastination tales

Suad Mohamed, In-Depth Editor

Days packed with homework and practices.
This is the norm for junior Megan Le, an IB Diploma candidate and swimmer for the school’s swim and dive team.
Le is a participant in several clubs, such as Science Olympiad and Key Club. She is also a member of Math, National, and Science Honor Societies.
However, one factor in Le’s life that makes her involvement in so many clubs so difficult is her struggles with procrastination.
“Some days, I find it very difficult to do work,” Le said. “Especially after I’ve been tired out by after school activities.”
Sometimes, Le forgets that assignments are due, or underestimates how long that they will take.
Most nights, she has to stay up to do her homework. Regardless, her work is always done on time.
“It’s very hard to do, but I stay up nearly every night to ensure that my work is done on time,” Le said.
Below is the schedule of a typical day in the life of Le:

Le wakes up at 4:00 a.m. in order to attend morning practice for swim.
“Sometimes, it can be really hard to wake up, but it’s very important to attend this practice,” Le said

For R1, Le has IB Spanish I. For W2,
Le has IB Physics I. “The hardest part about Spanish is studying for the tests,” Le said. “Physics is pretty straightforward.”

For R3, Le has a free period.
“I spend most of this time talking to friends,” Le said. “My W4 is very noisy, so it’s really hard for me to focus in there.”
Le has IB Math SL I for R5, and IB History of Americas for W6.
“Math is a bit confusing this year, but the homework is not that bad,” Le said. “But the HOA homework takes a long time.

IB Biology HL takes up Le’s R7, while IB Literature I HL takes up her W8.
“I get a lot of math homework, but minimal homework for English,” Le said.

Some days, Le has swim practice during this time. “It’s kind of hard to have practice after school because it makes me so tired,” Le said.

Le spends this time period doing fun things, like hanging out with friends and watching Netflix.
“This is sort of my time to unwind and relax,” Le said.

7:00-1:00 a.m.
This is the time period where Le works on her homework. “It can be very hard to focus some days, especially when I have my phone laying around,” Le said.

Le uses this time to prepare herself for bed. She prepares her backpack for the next day and sets out her outfit.
“Most nights, I’m up this late, which is really bad since I have to be up early in the morning,” Le said.
Le’s daily routine is very packed and ends up giving her roughly four to five hours of rest each night.
With this work pileup, each time she uses her phone, minutes to even hours go by.
“Once I wake up, I always feel so tired and I want to stay in bed,” Le said. “I wish I could just keep my hands off of my phone but it is so hard.”