Five tips on What to do at Home to Help the Environment


Sophomore Abdullahi Ali recycles his coffee cups. “Recycling is an easy way to help the environment,” Ali said. “It requires no effort, so I don’t understand why other people don’t do it.

Henry Hoang, In-Depth Editor

A breeze is blowing at your window and you can feel the cold radiating from your glass window into your room.
You look at your phone and check the weather app and see that it’s an astonishing 40 degrees.
After using your phone, you bundle up in a sweater and a pair of comfortable sweatpants.
Once the door opens, you feel the cold rush into your body and you are amazed about how cold it is.
Climate change is the cause of the very cold winter nights and blazing hot summer days.
The cause of climate change is because of the many fossil fuels that have been propelled into the ozone layer, attacking it at every minute.
Many superpower countries have been evaluated as the primary cause of climate change.
These countries like the United States, China, Russia and many more have pumped out fossil fuels for the last century, causing the sea levels to rise at least eight inches.
This isn’t an alarming subject about the bigger picture, global warming.
As of now, you can do many things to help Earth.
Here are five tips to prevent climate change in your own household.

1 Stop using gas on a weekly basis
Instead of going on the bus or going in a car every day to school, make a change and either walk if you live close enough to your school or ride a bike.
Any means of transportation that uses any fuel will be detrimental to the climate when time goes by.
Cutting down on it will furthermore make life a healthier home and earth a beautiful home for all of us.
This means that using a bike or even walking to school on a nice breezy blue-skyed day will be good for exercise.
If this isn’t a good choice for you, carpool with others and it’ll cut down on how many cars on the road by having a friend or a relative to pick up others and go to school together.
Also, switching to an electric car may seem pricey for others, but if it is in hands reach, going for an electric car from brands like Tesla will be good for everybody.
Just everyday transportation can really push towards the ozone layer depleting and cutting down on this helps later on.

2 Eat greens, not lean meat products
There are four simple changes you can make to your diet to reduce its climate impact.
Prioritize on eating meat-free meals to cut the slack on these innocent animals being slaughtered.
If this is not possible in your carnivorous meals and diets, when going grocery shopping, look for organic and local foods whenever possible.
These types of foods are really beneficial to your health and can boost vitamins and how you live your days.
After making these quick food switches, remember to not waste food, this is such a heartbreak because of the fact that in the United States, we lead the world in food waste.
Roughly fifty percent of all produce in the United States is reportedly thrown away.
This leads to 60 million tons worth of produce annually thrown away into your trash when it could be reused into different meals and recipes.
The United States is leading the world in the amount of food wasted also brings up the point of growing your own vegetables in your own household.
Growing food is very simple and easy.
Finding a spot in your backyard or even the front yard if needs be is a perfect spot to start growing simple fruits and vegetables that cuts costs when needing to go grocery shopping, a win-win situation.

3 Reduce, reuse, recycle
A simple thing to do at home is to recycle bottles and just any product that is able to be recycled. Instead of disposable water bottles, making a switch to a reusable water bottle will help too.
Whenever you can recycle paper, plastic, newspapers, glass and aluminum cans is a starter too.
If there isn’t a recycling program near where you live though, starting one would be an amazing option to help everyone in your community make it a better living area for everybody.

4 Use less A/C and Heat
Using less heat and air conditioning can lower the costs of bills in your household.
Adding insulation to your walls and attic and installing new weather strips around windows and doors in your house can lower your heating costs by more than 25%.
This altogether reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home.
Also, turning down your heat while you’re sleeping at night or even turning it off while you’re away during the day can really help cut down on these costs and also moderate the temperatures in your house as well.
Setting your thermostat just two degrees lower in the winter or higher in the summer could save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.
This will really protect the ozone layer.

5 Tell your story on what you’ve done to save
A healthy planet with stable climate isn’t all about political issues and a discussion of if its real or fake.
It’s about the families, the kids living on this planet, the vast communities and the future of humanity altogether.
It’s important that everyone hops on board on this wave to work towards solutions for our planet.
People tend to be more influenced by friends than by experts, so make sure to bring up the topic of climate change with friends and family.
Green Atoms bands up together to recycle and go to parks to do the same.
This club has many members and is looking for more.
These simple changes in the community can cause an impact and a movement.
Encourage yourself to use these tips in their daily lives to cut down and help the environment.