Journeys provide new experiences

Senior Phillip Barlow vacations to Florida with family and picks up new skills


Senior Phillip Bartlow poses with a fish that he caught while deep sea fishing in Clearwater, Florida.

Suad Mohamed, In-Depth Editor

If you need a break from Annandale, maybe a vacation should be on your list of plans for the upcoming summer.
Family, fishing, and fun. These were the elements of senior Phillip Barlow’s trip to Clearwater, Florida this past summer.
“I went there with my older brother, and we stayed with my uncle for nine days,” Barlow said.
Barlow and his brother took a plane, and were met by their uncle at the
“My uncle is also our godfather, and it is always a lot of fun to spend time with him,” Barlow said.
While the main point of the trip was to spend time with his uncle, Barlow ended up doing much more.
“We went deep sea fishing and watched old James Bond movies,” Barlow said. “We also helped my uncle work on a car, his old 1973 Malibu.”
Planning a trip can be very stressful, especially if the traveler is unorganized or a procrastinator.
For Barlow, it was a quick and easy process, as he often takes trips to his uncle’s house.
“Not much planning or thought went into it. All that we had to do was buy plane tickets for us to be able to go there,” Barlow said.
Although his trip was easy to plan out, Barlow had some advice for others who might not be so lucky.
“Before you buy a ticket or plan a road trip, you should figure out where you are going to stay,” Barlow said.
Next, Barlow suggested that one should plan out activities to do on the trip.
“Your trip is not going to be fun if you don’t plan it ahead of time,” Barlow said.
Barlow, who has family members all over the country, takes many trips
during the year.
“I also visit other family in other
places, such as Illinois, Michigan, and
southern Virginia. I like to be anywhere outdoors,” Barlow said.
Despite how short his vacation in Florida was, Barlow had nothing but nice things to say about it.
“I really enjoyed my trip, and I would go back there again.”
A vacation can be the perfect way to unwind and relax from a stressful school year. You don’t have to go out of the country; all you need to do is find somewhere new to have new experiences.