Top five physical benefits of exercising

Henry Hoang, In-Depth Editor

The sun is shining on a nice breezy day. The sky is blue and clear and there is nothing to do. You plan to think out your day and exercising comes across your mind, but it was for just a second. Exercising has many benefits physically.

Being active is proven to show an increase in clinical health, weight loss, and stress relief. Here are the top ten physical benefits of working out.

1 You lose weight
One of the main benefits of working out is weight loss. This is due to the fact that some people might go to the gym to spend energy. But also, some people may tend to change their ways of eating and go on a diet.

When dieting, reducing your calorie intake will lower your metabolic rate. It is also shown that combining aerobic exercise with training can maximize your fat loss. This is because the movement paired with working out in the gym gives you the utmost amount of fat loss that is possible.

“I like to run after every workout so I can loosen my muscles after a long day of working out,” sophomore Hugo Amaya said. “It makes me have a good time to cool off and is pretty fun in my opinion.”

2 Your lungs get stronger
When you run, your brain sends signals to your lungs to help you breathe faster and deeper, delivering extra oxygen to your muscles. This will relieve your muscles because your lungs are going to be doing all of the work.”

After all of the running, I used to get so tired, but I think I adapted to it,” Amaya said. “After learning about this, it is definite that my lungs have gotten way stronger.”

Exercising regularly will make your lungs stronger over a period of time, making sure you can adapt to the new change of working out. This benefit also ties into getting stronger.

3 Builds muscle
Another benefit of working out is building and maintaining strong bones and muscles. Physical activity such as weightlifting combined with using protein shakes will make it easier.

It is easier due to the fact that when you exercise, it releases hormones that increases your ability to absorb amino acids into your muscles. This is the main reason they grow.

“When I workout, I tend to get sore,” junior Drake Amaya said. “I think my muscles are getting bigger when that happens, but who knows.” As people tend to get older, they lose muscle mass and the muscle’s function, which could lead to injuries. Doing regular exercise is proven to reduce muscle loss and maintaining strength as you age.

4 Clears your skin
When exercising, it can stimulate the blood flow to the skin cells and can help delay the appearance of skin aging.

When skin ages, it is because of the oxidative stress inside your body. This oxidative stress happens when your body’s antioxidant defenses can’t repair the damage that radicals cause to the skin cells. This could lead to damage and deterioration to the skin.

5 Improves your sleep
After a long day of working out or doing a type of exercise, you fall on your bed and fall right to bed. This is because that exercise or working out can help night owls fall to sleep faster and even stay asleep longer to repair the body and maintain energy levels.

When asleep, your brain repairs itself causing your body to go into a deep stage of sleep, but when exercising is thrown into that equation, it enhances it twice fold.