5 IB classes you should take next year


Senior Elizabeth Dula posing with her Theory of Knowledge painting.

Every school year Annandale High School has an elective fair to make it easy for students to choose which classes they want to take the next school year. There are many classes that are offered to students to check out and think about taking.

 During the Elective fair on Tuesday, 14, 2019 students could visit four elective courses that they were interested in taking the following year. There were many IB elective courses, regular classes, and academy classes that were offered.

Many of those classes are IB classes that are to challenge students and give them the opportunity to gain a plus one bump in their GPA. It also prepares these students for college and many students get college credit, so this saves them money from taking the course in college, which can be expensive.

Here are five IB classes that you should think about taking next year that are interesting and worth the time.

IB Language and Literature,

Teachers: Ms. Lee & Mrs. Chekin

Students in Language and Literature learn to figure out how to evaluate and analyze context and books so they can build up an understanding of the text they are reading. Students also do group projects and watch movies to get a better understanding of what they are learning. 

IB Business,

Teacher: Mr. Dwyer

 Students in IB Business SL learn what a business means, the different types of business organizations, different business tools, marketing, and also do sims that help them in the real world after high school.

IB Film:

Teacher: Mr. Weintraut

Students in IB film watch have the opportunity to explore their creative side. They create their own films and are taught how to show different perspectives, which challenges their own perspectives.

IB Anthropology,

Teacher: Ms. Miller

Students in IB anthropology have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and societies around the world. They learn about wars and conflicts, environments, human injustice and inequality along with cultural rights. 

IB Theory of Knowledge,

Teacher: Dr. Kelly

IB Theory of Knowledge, otherwise known as TOK, is required for students who are aiming for the IB Diploma. This class encourages students to think more and prepare them for the world that is beyond high school and college.