Political action takes instagram

@The_ablast shares social change among students


Social media has changed so much about our world and one of the biggest changes has been how we share information. Now more than ever it is faster and easier to share information to millions of people throughout the world.
While many issues have sparked from this like mass misinformation it has also sparked a world of social change and allows for advocates to reach out to numbers previously unreachable all from a click of a button.
Growing up in the digital age teenagers have spent their whole lives online and have only known life with social media and the internet.
One of the reasons this generation is so politically aware and passionate about social issues is through social media.
We are being made aware of so many worldly issues through our daily social media intake so it comes as no surprise teens want to express their advocacy and concerns for the world’s issues through none other than social media.
Teenagers are being raised in a world where we consume so much digital information about tragedies of our world and nation it sparks a call to action in so many to want and strive for a change.
Social Media is a key tool in spreading awareness and getting others to realize, understand and begin to advocate for change.
Many students have taken part in social change through social media and the @the_ablast instgram is a perfect example.
Activists at AHS, have taken their passion outside the classroom to enact awareness and change.
The first post is a walkout student’s organized earlier this school year in September in protest of Governor Glenn Yougkin’s new Model X policy which limit the freedoms of trans student’s by requiring parental consent for pronoun or name changes. This places retirantes of the freedoms of transgenders student.It also creates potientialy harmful environments at home for transgender studnets from unaccepcting families, focabey outing them when they might not feel safe or ready to come out. Students at AHS thought it was important to challenge this new policy and make their voices heard.
The two other posts featured students who took their voices into the streets of Wasington, D.C.
One student in a protest for Afghanistan to raise awareness and demand the government helps the many suffering in Afghanistan every single day.
Another post featured highlights a student took to the streets in the “Bans off our bodies” protest in May of this year for abortion rights after the Supreme’s court leaked documents of their then plans to overturn Roe v. Wade which limits the freedoms of a woman’s right to choose the right to her own body.
Growing up with social media makes the teenagers of this generation realize and become aware of the change that needs to be had and creates a great chance for students to create and form their own opinions and beliefs further shaping them as an activist.
These three posts are only a few examples of incredible student activism on social media and the @the_ablast instagram account. Make sure to follow up with the account to watch more student activism stand up for what they believe in and make their voices heard.