Winter fashion trends for the cold weather

As the temperature dips and jackets come out, many lose their sense of style with the many layers and bulky jackets required for the cold. But these 4 trends for the 2022-2023 winter season provide great ideas to help build stylish outfits to not only stay warm but to stay in style.
1 Granny Squares
On Marie Claire’s list of The 10 Key Winter 2022-2023 Trends, the number 2 spot goes to what they call the “Zany Granny Aesthetic.” Not only in high fashion have bright and colorful crochet pieces come into play but the rise in popularity of crochet young younger generations has allowed many people to create their pieces that could even be sold for the high dollar price of high fashion.
The granny square originated in popularity in the ’70s being found in many vests, blankets, skirts, tops, and other home decors.
The bright colors of the retro granny squares made them rise to their popularity in the 70s. And as trends cycle and come back decades later, many trends from the 70s have come back this year.
Like flared pants, the range platform shoes, groovy patterns, prints, and the boho aesthetic.
So it’s no surprise granny squares come back into style like other 70s trends.
The colorful print of granny squares that pops in the dim and dull tones of winter, how versatile they can be and their accessibility with many being able to make them on their own is what makes granny squares perfect for this winter season.
2 Maxi Skirts
This year we have seen mini skirts everywhere, ruling many high-fashion

catwalks and everyday wear looks for the simplistic, cute, and put-together look without much effort. But as temperatures drop so do the length in skirts as this winter many maxi skirts have come

back into style.

Keeping the adorable look created by mini skirts, the added fabric provides more warmth and even creates a more mature and well-rounded look. In Vogue’s Shop The 10 Key Autumn/ Winter 2022 Trends article, they mentioned not only that Maxi Skirts were very popular this season in high fashion, but also the Maxi

floor length becoming very popular too, being found in many coats and dresses as well.

The rise in the trend of maxi skirts has a part to do with their availability and popularity in retail stores. Stores like Brandy Melieve and Urban Outfitters both have many sought-after maxi skirts with unique printed patterns sparking much popular demand.

3 Corsets
On Cosmopolitan’s list of 5 Winter 2022-2023 fashion trends, you’ll want to add to your

cart ASAP, they mention corsets remaining very much in style this season through high fashion catwalks like Versace, Viviane Westwood, and Marc Jacobs all featuring corsets as major focal points of their fall catwalk looks.

Not only have corsets been popular in high fashion but corsets can be found everywhere

and in many retail locations. Urban Outfitters and Garage both have very well-known distinct corsets that retail for around $60 each, that have been very popular all year round.

4 Leg warmers
Through the influence of Tik Tok and Pinterest, Leg warmers have become very popular among younger demographics this winter.

Leg Warmers have been brought back in style from the early 2010s and 80s but coming back with a very different look.
Most leg warmers from both the 2010s and 80s were almost skin-tight and came in very bright and neon colors.
But as leg warmers have come back in trend we see a very oversized style coming in m

uch more neutral or pale colors.

Trends from Tik Tok have influenced the demand for leg warmers, categorizing them under the “coquette” or “y2k” aesthetics.
As previously mentioned, part of the reason for the granny square’s reappearance in trends is due to the popularity of crochet with the ability to create fashion accessories yourself.
Many of the leg warmers being sold currently are handmade by members of Gen Z, and are being sold on Depop and Etsy which both also primarily target younger demographics.