Adapting to the American life


Fasika Tadesse

Our world has a lot of beautiful countries; Ethiopia and the U.S. are two examples. Everybody likes to move from place to place. Many people want to go to Egypt to visit the pyramids. When I came to the U.S., it was difficult, but it was also amazing to see all the different landmarks. It was scary for me because I had never seen this country before. It was also my first time living with people from other countries. Ethiopia and the U.S. are very different because of culture, language and weather.
First off, Ethiopia has a different culture from U.S. Ethiopia has different food, clothes and holidays. The cultural food is so delicious. When you eat Ethiopian food, you want to eat it every day. The foods have different names like kitfo, doro, kocho, and injera. They all use lots of spices, vegetables, chicken, false banana tree, and tef grain. It takes a lot of power and knowledge to make Ethiopian food. In the U.S. , there is not a lot of cultural food. Instead, the U.S. has food like burgers and pizza, mainly fast foods. That’s the difference between the food in Ethiopia and the U.S.
In Ethiopia, we wear cultural clothes too, but not every day; mostly for weddings and ceremonies. However, some people wear traditional clothing every day because people wear what they want to wear. We wear habesha dresses or suits that look white and have some designs on the dress. In the U.S., people don’t wear cultural clothes, but they wear a lot of different clothes. They are not traditional. Ethiopia has a lot of cultural holidays like Easter, Christmas, Eid and others. The U.S. also has cultural holidays too, like Christmas and Halloween.
Ethiopia has more than 81 languages. They speak different languages in Ethiopia then in the U.S. In Ethiopia, we speak a common language Amharic, but there are more than 81 languages including Tigirga, Guragiga, Oromiga, and Arabic. In U.S. the common language is English. That is the difference between the two countries. Most people speak more than three or four languages. I speak three languages Amharic, Guragiga , and English. When I was in my country, I spoke Amharic and Guragiga well, but now I am able to speak English well, too.
Finally, the weather in Ethiopia and the U.S. is different. There is a lot of snow in the U.S. The warm weather only comes for a little bit of the time, and there is also a lot of storms and hurricanes.
It’s so hard to move and change from one place to another place. It is also very difficult to adapt to a new place, but I think I am doing well in adapting.