My journey from my country to the U.S.


Josselyn shares her journey.

My new journey started on December 16, 2013. I was 3 months 15 years old.

when I first came to the United States. My life changed completely. I had to  be separated from all the people who I grew up with. After 15 years of living in my country, I had to say goodbye, which was the worst goodbye ever. My world was divided into two parts.  I still remember the tears on my face. I will  never forget that day because it was the beginning  of a new chapter in my life.

  First of all, in life you learn that sometimes it’s good to move some place else from where you lived before.

Namely, I came to the U.S. in company of my mom. She went to my  country, El Salvador to bring me here with her. She wanted me to come to the U.S.  because she wanted me to have  a better future.

After I arrived, my impression about this country was  really good since the first day of my arrival. I liked to

see how clean the streets were compare to some places in El Salvador. I also liked to see people from different cultures

living together. I never imagined how different everything would be here in the states. The climate was so

different from my country. The day that I arrived here in Virginia  was very cold. I had heard that in this

country, when winter comes it  gets very cold, but I never imagined it like that.

At the end, I met my siblings for the first time. I was so happy to see them, but I also knew how difficult it

would be to live with them. In the beginning, it was hard to live with them but as the time passed, we learned how to live together, and our relationship got better over time.

Furthermore, I had to adapt to a lot of new changes. one of them, I had to learn a new language. That was hard but not impossible. At the beginning, I felt so bad because I heard all the other people speaking in English, and I just knew a little English.

Also,  one of the biggest changes was  to live with my new family here in the U.S. I used to speak to them on the phone  when I was in El Salvador, but it was a  different  experience  living with them. However, They tried their best to make me feel good. I could tell it was hard but it was also a new experience to start a life with them. Finally, I matured a lot when I came. I understood a lot of things that before I thought were different. In this country I knew that I can do a lot of things that in my country I  could not do.

In conclusion, when I moved away from my country, I used to think a lot about my family in El Salvador all the time. one, they were so far away from me, and I thought that if  something happened to them, I was not going to be able to do anything to help. I felt lost from the inside. A part of me was here, but the other half was over there in my country.

Also, being separated from my family and friends was not  easy for me.  However, they gave me  a reason to keep trying and make them feel proud of me. As  time passed, I made new friends and I also met new amazing people. I missed all the things that I used to do with my family like celebrating my birthday, celebrate Christmas and share time with them.

Finally, I have a lot of dreams that I want to come true because dreams don’t happen by themselves unless you do something. I want to study hard and be a professional in a future. I’ll never forget where I come from.  I can tell my journey wasn’t easy but now I’m here and I have to keep moving forward  to complete my journey.

There comes a time in life when you’ll have to leave everything behind and start something new. That was exactly what I did. I had to adapt to another country which was completely  different from mine but  I’m happy living here now. I missed my old life but I understand that I now have to think about my present and work hard for a good future.