The Independence of Catalonia

Erik Rivas-Martinez, Staff Writer

Recently, a city in Spain has wanted their independence. This city is Catalonia. Spain has been gripped by a constitutional crisis since a vote that was held earlier this month. The crisis has been declared illegal.

Catalonia’s government said that 90% of the votes were in favor. Catalonia already has it’s own flag, language and culture.

This has a major effect on the famous soccer team Football Club Barcelona. Catalonia had a huge protest, this protest made Football Club Barcelona play a game in closed doors.

A closed door game means there is no one sitting down and it’s basically empty. But the game was almost not played but Barcelona would have faced a 6 point penalty which is really substantial to the team’s points.

Their star center-back Gerard Pique had an emotional breakdown saying this closed door game was the “worst experience” of his professional career.

This club will not have a place to play since they wouldn’t be able to play for the Spain League. But, there is a club that Barcelona could play on, and this is the Premier League, if and only if Catalonia can manage to secure their own independence from Spain.

But this of course  would mean Football Club Barcelona wouldn’t have to play their top rival Real Madrid as much. The Catalonia’s Government aim at getting their independence hasn’t worked as they thought it would. Even with their own flag, culture, and language, they can’t even get the most important thing a country needs, freedom.