Freshman Ishika Saini immigrates to America from India

Freshman Ishika Saini takes a selfie in the sunlight.

Freshman Ishika Saini moved to the United States in 2019 from her home country India. Due to her father’s current job, her family moves countries every three years or so. In 2019 his job relocated him to the U.S.
Ishika’s lifestyle changes often due to her family’s frequent living changes. It’s a normal recurrence, but it still fills Ishika with an anxious feeling every time.
“Since I’m traveling often it wasn’t very new. Although I was anxious about how my life would change in the U.S.,” Saini said.
Despite the constant change life puts in front of her, she never feels homesick for her roots.
“Since I go back to India frequently, there is no reason for me to feel homesick. Wherever my family goes, I go, so it just felt like it was another day,” Saini said.
Her family was planning to visit India next month but due to the pandemic they refrained, however they plan to move back next year.
Aside from the change in the countries she lives in she feels that she didn’t struggle when it came to moving to the U.S.
The change became normal so I was learning to adapt. She learned to adapt very quickly, she is taking honor classes and making new friends.
Language for her was never an issue since English was always the primary language wherever she went.
The cultural differences between the U.S. and India are very different though.
The people, ideologies, and religions differed from the U.S. When thinking of any similarities she says, “When it comes to how the U.S. and India are similar I can’t think of many things.”
Even though the cultures have their differences she still loves to indulge in all the cultural aspects of the U.S.
“I love how open minded people in the U.S. are. The music, the people, the food, there’s so much to enjoy here,” Saini said.
However there is no place like home. Ishika still loves all the things her culture has to offer. Whether it’s big family gatherings, the music, or her cultural values all of which shaped her to the person she is today.
The pandemic put a stop on a lot of things for Ishika like visiting India, seeing her friends, or going to school normally. She likes to stray away from people because of the pandemic.
Due to this it was hard for her to join any clubs. She wanted to stay safe so she only goes to school virtually currently.
To keep herself preoccupied she keeps at her homework and a couple of her hobbies. She likes to play guitar and video games.
Even though life brings her change after change and challenge after the other, Ishika learned how to deal with everything.
She still goes about her life normally learning, growing, and evolving. No matter the obstacle she hopes to continue whatever life has in store for her.