Students eager to travel after reopening

The lifting of the travel ban allows reunions


The view of Bolivia’s aerial lift transportation before the pandemic gives hope to return once again after the re-opening of the U.S borders.

Traveling to Bolivia is something I wanted to do for two years. Now that the U.S. reopened the borders giving the opportunity for vaccinated international travelers. I might be able to revisit my family.On Oct.18, president Joe Biden announced that the U.S borders would be reopened to international travelers It’s been a long time since the closing of the borders, with the travel ban lifted, this gives the opportunity to hug, talk and reconnect with my family.

The restrictions had led to the closing of the U.S. borders to millions of people for 20 months. With the travel ban lifted, this now allows tourists to make longer trips and for families to spend time with their loved ones after more than a year and a half separated. 

The travel ban applied to non U.S.-citizens preventing them from traveling to thirty-three countries including China, India and Europe. Students with families who live outside the U.S. share the feeling of sadness knowing they are unable to see them. With the pandemic still going on, it made families worry for their safety.

The U.S. also lifted travel restrictions on land borders allowing fully vaccinated individuals to enter the country from Mexico and Canada. American citizens were always allowed to enter the U.S, this goes for permanent residents as well but the travel ban had stopped businesses and often kept so many families apart. 

Several international visitors have been waiting for this day and took it as a light at the end of the tunnel for the hope to return life back to normal. The rules that went into effect allows air travel from a series of countries from which have been restricted since the beginning of the pandemic. During the pandemic there were travel bans imposed by the Trump administration and the new rules now given replaced those bans. 

Foreign nationals entering the U.S by air will need to show proof of their vaccination. Without proof of vaccination, a covid test is required. With the needed proof of vaccinations, more people will be wanting to get vaccinated in order to see their families and this will ensure the safety of those traveling.

Several businesses in the U.S. are now able to finally shake hands with their customers instead of video calls through zoom. It has been very difficult to get customers into the U.S. but in most cases business owners travel abroad to visit them. 

Hotels have been receiving a big boost in both international business and bookings to stay overnight. Lifting the ban on international travel not only has opened opportunities for families to reunite but will uplift the tourism industry and help small businesses.

 International students come to the U.S. for better education. They receive better opportunities in the U.S compared to their home country. 

Several companies are also receiving the benefits of the international travelers returning. As the world is opening up, the high demand for flights is also increasing and most seats will be immediately taken quickly

 “Getting tickets for flights won’t be easy. So many people want to see their families especially after 2 years.”

 The U.S. Mexican border is the world’s busiest border crossing with about 350 million people crossing.

The U.S. is now bracing for a surge of international travelers returning back in the upcoming Holidays.

United Airlines expected over 30,000 inbound international passengers on the day of its reopening. Delta had increased 450 percent in bookings by international passengers from mid-October since the new travel rules were announced and flight searches to the U.S. had quadrupled.

Many airlines are adding more international flights. Bookings went up 66 percent for flights between Britain and the United States, 40 percent for passengers from Europe and 74 percent for those from Brazil three days after the announcement. 

The reopening brought relief to the travel industry abroad and in the U.S. Families are now being able to reunite with their families and some even are meeting each other for the first time. 

Tears flowed and airline officials cheered on for the families that were reconnected once again. Not only does the lifting of the travel restrictions help improve the economic health of several countries, it also takes into account the safety and public health of those coming to the U.S. by requiring proof of vaccination for those who are not legal permanent residents or are U.S. citizens to cross the border. 

Little by little life as we know it is returning back to normal.