Life Changing Transition


Nuhami Mandefro

Student reflects on his life in Somalia and compares the two cultures

Imagine going to a country where everything was different! I didn’t know how things worked when I came. In America, it has a lot of different types of weather such as snow in the winter, rainy days and even dangerous weather!

My whole family still has lots of fear of dangerous conditions and weather. The biggest differences about my country are the weather, education (schools), and the food.

First, the weather here is not the same in my country. Here, we have different climates such as rain and snow. It snows a lot during the winter, which is difference from my country. Summertime in Virginia is very hot; sometimes it is record breaking!

But back at my country it crazy hot! You’ll probably die of thirst. Overall, the weather in the U.S is totally different from my country with the different climates, types of disastrous weather, and the different summer weather.

Next, there are differences the education and school structure. In the U.S, there are a lot of opportunities to get a great education for kids to adults everywhere. It has a much better environment and great teaching styles!

Also, America has better resources like advanced technology and supplies such as textbooks. On the other hand, back in my country it’s a different story. They separate classes from males and females.

I love the schools here and the way the teachers teach! The environment is great and they also provide us with materials and technology!

Finally the biggest difference between my country and here is the food! Here, we have different varieties of food such as Middle Eastern food, burgers, and soups.

Cleanliness of food is important here. It is prepared fresh at great prices. The good ingredients taste good (better than my country). Having my favorite variety of food, cleanliness, and excellent ingredients in which they serve makes me like America better.

Overall, that’s what you would experience going to a different country with different weather, food, and education. I do miss my country but I enjoy living in America a lot more!