Tips to avoid the Black Friday mayhem

Black Friday is a day of wild crowds, stampedes and extreme tiredness. The sales make people go crazy and let go of their judgment. People stand outside of stores in the middle of the night wearing their sweats and pajamas impatiently waiting for the doors to open.
There have been many severe injuries as a result of ruthless Black Friday shopping. Lots of things can go wrong and become very dangerous. Here are some tips to help steer clear of those dangers.

1 Make a list
Making a list of what things to purchase is an easy way to shop and on a day like Black Friday, easy is what is needed. Having a list will make sure you don’t get distracted. You can just grab all the things on the list and be in and out.

2 Keep your head up
Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. Watch where you are going at all times and be aware of the people around you. Some people get grumpy while they’re shopping and accidentally bumping into someone will get them annoyed.

3 Pace yourself
Walking around tired is a horrible way to shop. People start to get exhausted and hungry after experiencing the chaos of the early Black Friday sales. Take a break from shopping and rest at a local food court.

4 have patience
Waiting in a line for a long time can be agitating, but it will eventually be you next to pay so make sure to be patient. Yelling for people to move in line will make things troubling for everybody. You have to be sympathetic to the people around you.

5 Don’t fight over items
Stores only have a limited amount of items, things can sell out fast on Black Friday. Arguing over items will only lead to chaos. Sadly, sometimes people do not get all their desired items on Black Friday and that is okay.

6 Don’t steal items from others
For this holiday, it is best to not let your greed take over. The person who got the item first is the person who keeps the item. Stealing items from others can be very tempting but can result in major fights.