Would closing stores on Thanksgiving be a good idea? – Yes


Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to everyone around and create new memories with the ones you love. Memories like being stuck with a bunch of wild customers are not ones that should be made on this holiday.

Working students have found that it is hard for them to get time off on the week of Thanksgiving because Black Friday is right after the holiday. Many stores have pushed back their Black Friday sales to start on Thursday night.

With stores giving off specially reduced prices, they are reluctant to let go of employees because they need to be there to handle the massive crowds of customers. This results in many students celebrating Thanksgiving by helping people purchase their items.

“Stores shouldn’t be starting their sales on Thursday. It’s called Black Friday for a reason,” junior Lissel Lopez said. “I found a great job at Springfield Mall, but now I find myself taking a shift on Thanksgiving when I should be helping my mom cook.”

Black Friday is a prime day for business and Thanksgiving is a prime day for family. Closing stores on Thanksgiving would be a grand idea for working students who need a break to spend quality time with their loved ones.