Former Spanish teacher dies


Former AHS Spanish teacher Elizabeth “Betty Ann” Gilmore died at the age of 84 last month of pneumonia. Gilmore taught at AHS for 20 years from 1967-1987.

 Current Spanish teacher Debbie Estes remembers her as helpful and very passionate about her work.

 “She loved the Spanish language, and she created a desire in me to learn Spanish,” says Estes.

 Estes came back to teach at AHS, transitioning from a student to a co-worker of Gilmore. “I was very comfortable going to her and asking for help. She was always willing to help me in any way that she could,” says Estes. “She was part of the reason why I became a Spanish teacher.”

 Others remember her as an accommodating and interesting teacher. Varsity field hockey and lacrosse coach Cindy Hook, a former student, was in Gilmore’s Spanish one and three classes. 

 “She made the class very fun. It was the first time I’d ever taken a foreign language, and she was very patient with us,” says Hook.

 Hook also returned to AHS to coach and teach alongside Gilmore. “It was fun to come back and see her. I would want to call her Mrs. Gilmore, and everyone would say ‘Oh no, you can call her by her first name,’” says Hook.

 After retiring as a teacher, Gilmore worked at the National Gallery of Art as a Spanish-speaking docent. She is remembered as a dedicated teacher, who gave much time and effort to teaching.

 “I really enjoyed being in her class,” said Estes.

 Gilmore is survived by her three children and three grandchildren

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