Water Water Everywhere

Some classrooms in the school are freezing. However, it’s those humid and sticky classrooms that really cause the yearning for an ice-cold bottle of water. A healthy habit to get into is by bringing a water bottle to school. Nowadays there is a wide variety of metal and eco-friendly bottles that keep your water cool all day.

Many teachers actually support bringing water to class, despite the no food and drink rules presently in place throughout AHS. Pediatritions who contribute to Kidshealth.org recommend that every adolescent drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, the equivalent of four bottles of water. Since this is the minimum, athletes who are working out daily should consume more than four bottles. If you are one of those people who substitutes juice drinks or soda in place of water, you are not getting the nutrients that you need. Many caffinated drinks like coffee are diuretics, which cause you to go to the bathroom more, meaning that you actually lose more water.

Although there isn’t a substitute for drinking pure water, there are ways to drink more water without actually drinking straight water. If you want to add flavor into your water there are many low-calorie powdered drink mixes, such as Crystal Light and Propel, that come in small packets and can be poured into a water bottle. Lemon and lime juice can also be added to water to give it an extra kick. Seltzer water has no calories, just like water, but still has a fizzy taste so it’s not as boring.

Now that the weather is cooling down it can become easy to forget to drink water.

Forgetting to drink water can be worse for your body than you might think. Your body needs water to dissolve vitamins B and C before your body can absorb them. If your not drinking water the vitamins pass right through your body and go to waste.

Water has zero calories, doesn’t leave a bad after taste, and prevents dark circles under the eyes so pop open a bottle and drink up.