Homecoming nominations gathered

Homecoming nominations started today, Monday, Oct. 5 and will run until Wednesday, Oct. 7. This is the first year all grade levels are able to participate. Each person is given one chance to nominate a male and female in their class.

“I think it is better because it gets everyone involved, not just seniors,” said junior Sadaf Atayee, a member of the student government. By the end of the nomination period, the student government association will count the top five candidates for each gender in all four classes.

“We usually do it in one lunch period. It’s usually the members on the committee, about 4-5 people,” Atayee stated.

Candidates will be announced during the afternoon announcements. Students can vote for their favorite candidate on their blackboard account. Those nominated in the freshmen class will be referred to as lord and lady. The winners in the sophomore class will be dukes and duchess. Junior class winners will be prince and princess, while the senior class winners will serve as king and queen.