Big win for field hockey

The field hockey ladies have done it again. Last night, the varsity field hockey team roughed out a challenging game against the West Potomac Wolverines on their senior night. The game started off intensely and rapidly got even better. About five minutes into the game, the AHS players were very close to scoring. Junior Jennifer Allshouse hit an amazing ball at the end of the first quarter, which nearly skimmed the outside of the goal box. Although there were many possible goal-scoring opportunities, the Atoms had a bit of difficulty because of the West Potomac defense.

The two teams battled it out in the second half,  and fought until the finish. Throughout the entire game, the fans were cheering ecstatically, encouraging their team to win the game. However, the most intense passion was in each player’s eyes. Neither team was letting anything pass them by. The clock buzzed, and the final quarter was over with a score of zero to zero. The game then went into overtime and the real showdown began. The players on each team got ready for overtime which consisted of two 15 minute halves, with only seven players versus seven players, and the first team to get a goal won the game. Each team was ready to put their heart and soul into the rest of the game. At the start of the next whistle the ladies took off hustling and busting to get the ball.

The lady Atoms tried to score just a single goal, but the West Potomac girls were playing aggressive and tackling each ball. It was crunch time, there was only 4 minutes left in the first half of overtime and Alley Adcock, junior, got subbed in. Just as soon as she got into the game, Kelly O’Brien, senior, took a free hit from outside the dotted line. She took a swing, and sent the ball flying into the circle. Adcock got a hold of the ball and took an amazing shot into the right corner of the goal. It was truly a marvelous game by the hockey girls. With an amazing effort by each and every player, the Atoms won yet another district game 1-0.

The Varsity Field Hockey team is now 4-1 in the Patriot District. When asked how the team felt about their game tonight, captain Maggie Bermingham, senior, said “I think the game went really well. We learned from our mistakes during the game and fixed what was wrong. We kept the intensity up the whole game. It was definitely a game to prove ourselves in the district.” The AHS varsity field hockey girls’ next competitor is the South County Stallions on October 8. Go out, and support the varsity field hockey girls.