First quarter interim grades mailed home

Interims are prepared to be sent home.

A few days ago, labels were made, papers were printed, and tons of envelopes were stuffed. This process, which takes a week to prepare for, culminated in the distribution of interim grades.

The increase in the student population has definitely made an impact on the school in many ways, and has even altered the process of issuing interims. Usually the interims are divided among the counselors by last name and they stuff the envelopes. Now, it takes two hours for each counselor to do the envelopes plus any other office staff who’s willing to help.

Once all the envelopes are done and ready to be mailed they are taken to the mailroom, also known as the “pony.” The mailman comes and collects all of the envelopes and they begin their journey to our mailboxes. They were mailed out yesterday evening, and we “can expect the interims within the week,” according to transcript secretary Carol Leventhal. If you do not receive you interim in the mail for whatever reason, go see your counselor to verify your address.