AHS holds PSAT exams


It is that time of year again. Students, with the exception of seniors, prepare themselves for a hard working half day of school, and a date with the Practice Scholastic Apptitude Test on Wednesday October, 14. What are the PSATs you may ask? The PSATs are very important tests taken prior to senior year. They do not count as a legitimate assessment, but sets one up for later in one’s high school career.

The PSAT is regarded as a significant test. Teachers read from a PSAT packet, similar to Standards Of Learning tests, and give formal instructions on what procedures to follow. The test is multiple choice, like many other major tests. With the PSATs, the school day is shortened to half its regular length. Around 11:30 or so, students are released for the school day. This half day will let students unwind after taking the extensive practice test and prepare for the next school day.

Many students felt more prepared for the PSAT having taken it once before.

Sophomore Max Talley said, “Yes, I do feel more ready… knowing that I know what is on the PSATs.” Freshmen Aaron Reynolds, who took the PSAT for the first time said, “It will show me what the SAT will be like and what I should keep in mind in my classes.”

The PSATs are something that should be prepared for. It utilizes one’s knowledge and capacity to apply critical thinking. It is important to get a good night’s sleep the night prior, and have a fulfilling breakfast the morning of in preparation.SAT Books