Band on the March

Tomorrow the AHS marching band will be taking a trip down to Winchester, VA for a competition at James Wood High School. The Marching Atoms will be performing at 8:15 in the evening.

The band has been ruthlessly working on improving their performance skills, and becoming the best.  The group can be seen practicing in the back parking every Tuesday and Thursday. They work very hard to maintain the standard the band has had for many years. Our band has won an abundance of awards in  past years, and had traditionally placed very high in all competitions.

“I expect the performance to be the best  yet,” said junior Lillian Singer, who serves as the band’s assistant drum major.

“It’s our last competition before states, so I’m hoping it will go well,” said junior Kathy Fajardo.

This competition is basically a preparation test for states. The band will learn from all of their mistakes from this competition, and make any final changes for states coming up in two weeks. States is what the band mainly focuses on. These competitions are just warming them up, and getting them ready to do well.

“Hopefully we will have enough energy to perform well, and win many awards,” said junior Kari Berg.

Although the competition is farther away than usual, it would be great for the AHS band to have some supporters there.