Students prepare for Winter Break


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After three weeks of studying and teachers pressing work loads down right before interims are distributed, students are more than ready for another break from school. With the newly fallen snow, Winter Break is just around the corner and AHS is preparing for the long-awaited holidays.

“For Winter Break I’m going to Miami, Florida for my brother’s basketball tournament and for Christmas we’re going to South Carolina to see my grandma. So we are going from Florida to South Carolina during the week and a half we have off,” sophomore Megan Guglielmo said.

Many students and teachers tend to travel to visit family and friends to celebrate the holidays. This year, winter break begins on Thursday, Dec. 23, after a two-hour release on Dec. 22. The new year brings the return of school beginning again on Jan. 3, giving Fairfax County’s staff and students a week and a half off.

“I have friends down south that get a full two weeks off for winter and a full week off for Thanksgiving break. So i wish ours could be longer so we’re able to do more,” sophomore Austin Chavez said.

Teachers often give out heavy homework assignments and projects for students to complete over break. There has been controversy over this topic since after all, it is a break. Almost two weeks without school can cause brains to easily forget new topics learned in class; which requires more time to review old material and less time teaching new concepts.

“I don’t think teachers should assign homework because winter break is a time for students to have a break from school and not have to worry about homework,” freshman Ally Mastrota said.

Whether students are traveling for the break or just spending family time, AHS is already showing effects of Winter Break.