Singing Valentines serenade students

You are sitting in class, absentmindedly-taking notes, when you hear a knock on the door. A group of students wearing red t-shirts walk inside, hand someone a heart shaped card and begin singing a love song.

Singing Valentines is a fundraiser held each Valentine’s Day by the Annandale Chorus Department to help raise money for trips and other expenses related to chorus.

“I thought the Singing Valentines were fantastic. I think its great that the choral department can make money and have an opportunity to perform in varying audiences,” sophomore Jenny Jessen said.

The songs could be purchased at lunch for $5 each and and all that was needed was for the buyer to know the classroom of the intended recipient. Some were bought with romantic thoughts in mind, while others purchased them for friends or to be funny.

Sophomore Luke Lundy received two songs, one from an anonymous source and another from two of his friends who meant it as a joke. “The anonymous valentine that I received was just weird because I didn’t know who it was coming from. I also thought that having a big group of girls singing to me was a little awkward, but it still sounded good,” Lundy said.

Some of the songs were performed by specific choral groups, like Men’s Chorale and Annandale Singers, while other chorus members opted to sing their songs with only two or three people.

“I think the song selection of the Singing Valentines was good because it was different than last year. Men’s Chorale sang Blue Moon really well and it sounded really good,” Lundy said.

Some of the songs were rehearsed in class, so that the groups could get used to performing together and those who had dance moves incorporated into their songs could memorize them.

“Singing Valentines is really not hard to prepare for besides the coordination of who receives what song,” junior William Bennett said.
While some might be nervous or awkward about interrupting a class and singing acapella others do not; “I don’t find [singing] awkward. I actually think that it’s really fun and everyone seems to enjoy being sang to,” Bennett said.

Chorus members were able to miss the majority of their classes to go around and deliver the Singing Valentines. While it may sound easier than a day in the classroom, the singers were hard at work making sure that each person who should receive a song does in the allotted amount of time their schedule allows.

Even those who did not receive a Singing Valentine still enjoyed the festivities because it gave them a break from classwork and was also entertaining to watch the singers and the recipients’ reactions.

“[The Singing Valentines] were awesome. The people playing the ukuleles were so good, and some of the newer songs were fun too because they were more familiar and the singers’ arrangements made the songs a little different,” junior Wally Geiger said.