Choral students deliver Singing Valentines


“L.O.V.E,” “Luck” and “Kiss the Girl” are just a few of the Singing Valentines performed by choral students on Feb. 14. For each $5 valentine purchased by students, choral members hand-delivered a heart-shaped card with a note either left anonymous or signed. All of the money raised by the fundraiser then goes toward the activities of the choral department.

“I like Singing Valentines because they’re fun to do, and it’s a great way to raise money for the choral department. I also love how people react to the songs they get; usually they’re surprised and embarrassed and it makes me laugh. My favorite number to perform is ‘Blue Moon’ from the play ‘Grease,’” sophomore Mark Slough said.

Choral students performed for the valentines’ recipients and gave them their personalized notes in the final 20 minutes of class.

“We had auditions over a week ago and allowed the kids to choose songs that they wanted to perform. After I approved them, we put together a list of the performers and a chart of the songs available at lunches for the students to choose from,” chorus teacher Jessica Lardin said. “It’s optional and just for volunteers, but they can add points towards their letter.”

Many choral students enjoyed participating in the festive tradition. Not only did they get to miss some class time, but they also gained the opportunity to revel in holiday spirit.

“I sang ‘Kiss the Girl’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ It is really fun because I get to embarrass people in the middle of class,” junior Sarah Hatch said. “My favorite part of the Singing Valentines are the cards because they’re always really cute.”