Students celebrate end of quarter with spring break


Sophomore Katie McCann fishes on the beach during Spring Break, which was held last week.

Sophomore Katie McCann fishes on the beach during Spring Break, which was held last week.

Every year, students look forward to spring break, as it is a reminder that school is nearing its end. Students filled their one-week vacation with activities to relax and prepare themselves for the final months of school.

“I went to Florida with my family. We went to the beach everyday and learned how to surf. I got back the day before school started,” sophomore Hannah Coulter said.

Going on trips with family or friends is something that most students tend to do throughout their spring break. While some students enjoy their break at the beach or with their friends, many students stay focused on sports and school by doing homework and going to practices or tournaments.

“I went on a college visit to Alderson Broaddus College, which is the school I will be going to. I also worked out for football,” senior Adam Wattenbarger said.

Some sports teams participated in events concerning the team during the break. Over the course of the week, the baseball team went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a tournament.

During their spring break, while most kids did the usual activities, like going to the beach and visiting colleges, some students did things that were different from all the others.

“I went up to Syracuse and visited a Native American reservation with my friends and then went to Canada to a “sing,” which is a big Native American social event where they invite other tribes to a longhouse and dance native dances,” junior Jae Min Kim said.

Spring break is when students get a little taste of what summer will be like, and most students decide to use this time to hang out with friends and family. Some students may even take this time to relax, and get a break from school and their hectic schedules.