Last AHS Fuddruckers night


Seniors Paul Singh, Junior Montoya and Ahmed Bile have lunch at Fuddruckers at a previous AHS fundraising night.

The Class of 2014 will be hosting the very last Fuddruckers night fundraiser on April 26 and will last from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fuddruckers will be closing the Annandale restaurant on Backlick Rd. on April 29, following financial troubles.

“I think it’s really unfortunate [that Fuddruckers is closing] because it makes a lot of money and its been a part of everyone’s lives for so long,” sophomore Melissa Stamp said. Stamp is part of the Executive Board for the Class of 2014.

In addition to Fuddruckers being a part of the AHS community where family and friends can gather to enjoy food and milkshakes, it has also been a key business partner for fundraising.

“Fuddruckers is basically where we got most of our [class’ money],” sophomore Rizwana Noor said.

With multiple clubs such as FBLA, National Science Honor Society and all grade levels partnering up with the restaurant to gain funds, extra-curricular clubs will have to look to other chains to partner up with.

AHS has an established relationship with Fuddruckers, so finding a new business partner to take the place of the restaurant will be difficult.

“We’re looking into Five Guys and we talked about Moe’s in the past, but nothings really definite,” Stamp said.

In addition to the loss of a business partner, many AHS students have lost a place they have regarded as part of the high school experience.

“I’m sad about that because I love everything about Fudds – the foods, the arcades, everything! Especially the name,” junior Kelly Nguyen said.

The Class of 2014 encourages students, friends and faculty to gather together for the last fundraiser three days before the indefinite closing.

“I hope that people will come to what is probably the last Fudds night we’ll have,” Stamp said.