Seniors to begin IB exams


Senior Kelly Goodison prepares for an IB exam in her math class.

Students taking IB Exams starting on May 2 will have the opportunity to leave school grounds for lunch between their morning and afternoon exams. However, in order to do this, students will need to fill out a form to the attendance office and return it by noon for their afternoon exams.

According to the official AHS IB Exam Schedule, students are expected to arrive at their testing center 30 minutes prior to when their exams are scheduled to start. An accumulation of exams, starting with both SL and HL English on May 2, will be held in the upstairs gym, Clausen Hall, the cafeteria, and Annandale’s Neighborhood Center (the quad trailer next to the back parking lot). Exams are scheduled to end on May 22 with both HL and SL French B in the morning.

“The break for lunch will definitely help because we are only allowed to bring water with us while taking the test,” senior Marissa Shartel said.

There are 31 IB diploma candidates for the Class of 2012 and all will be taking their exams during May 2 through May 22. Other seniors who will be taking the exams include those enrolled in current IB classes.

For students taking morning exams wishing to leave the testing site after they finish their tests, they may fill out an Early Release Permission slip that they can get from their IB teacher, the attendance office, or the AHS website. Students taking afternoon exams can arrive late on the day of exams if they fill out a Late Arrival Permission Slip to the attendance office, that of which they can also get through an IB teacher, the attendance office, or the AHS website.

As in other IB exam years, IB students have been allowed up to two study days by which they can be granted an excused absence to study for their IB exams if given “proper 24 hour written notice to the attendance office” by a parent or guardian, according to the official IB exam policy on the AHS website.

“Study days are going to help a lot,” senior Sally Abilmona said. “It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m looking forward to getting all of my exams done.”