Friday Morning DJ returns


History teacher Joel Jepson is the sponsor for this year’s Friday Morning DJ’s.

Walking down the hall any given Friday last year, students would be abuzz with chatter while listening to music playing over the intercom throughout the school.

They weren’t listening to their headphones, but the Friday morning DJ.

It’s a tradition that’s been at Annandale for years. Sponsored by history teacher Joel Jepson, each week a pair of students make a mix tape to play on the loudspeakers once the 7:13 warning bell rings until the 7:20 late bell rings.

“The Friday morning DJ is nice because kids are tired in the morning, and it enhances the atmosphere,” Jepson said.

Originally, the Friday morning DJ was meant to teach music history. But in the past couple of years, that has changed into a free for all morning mix tape. But that is changing this year.

” This year, DJ’s are taking into consideration different history months, just as black history month when they are choosing their music,” junior Amelie Trieu said.

Students are also excited for The Friday Morning DJ to be reinstated.

“I really like the music before school in the morning, it wakes me up and is something different,” junior Allie Vogus said.

The Friday morning DJ will be starting this week on Nov. 30, with five pairs of students making a mix tape for each week.