Are Asian students smarter at AHS?


Phoung Nguyen

Elise Kim is an Asian student among many in AHS.

Asians make up around 25 percent of the student body at AHS and noticeably stand out among other students in terms of their academic achievements. Asian students are often stereotyped as being “naturally smarter.” The reason why Asian students perform higher than their counterparts has nothing to do with their genetics, but more of their personal backgrounds.

When viewed from a broader perspective, Asians are only a minority. They only form four percent of the American population, yet dominate the student bodies in prestigious universities.

Asian children are taught from the moment they begin learning to become successful. According to CNN, education is highly prized in Asian societies. Parents have the duty of being the family laborers, and because many come from disadvantaged backgrounds, they want the best from their children.

It can be said that academic success is a child’s duty to their family.

Asian and non-Asian students at AHS can all agree that their parents have a large influence in their academics.

“The only reason Asians are smarter is because of their strict [Asian] parents,” senior Tuyet Pham said.

“Asian parents” in particular, strongly enforce the importance of education in their households. Education gives a person status and a place of belong in Asian culture. A person’s academics success glorifies the family name and offers a person with the motivation to achieve even more. Failure is not an option and success is a priority. With that said, students have to cope with intense pressure at school and at home.

Many Asian students consider themselves to be normal and believe they are the same as any other student. They might be Asian, but that doesn’t guarantee them academic success.

“To be honest, I’m normal. I’m Asian and I’m definitely not at the top of my class, but I try, and that’s what makes you smarter and better in your academics.” freshman Autumn Yang said.

AHS can agree that it depends on your work ethic.

“Some Asians are smart, some are not. It depends on the person, their family and their work ethic. They can be a straight A student or fail all their classes.” junior Amber Scaff said.

A few students at AHS believe  that they are at an educational disadvantage as a result of poverty, economic, family and other personal issues.

“I would say that I am an intelligent student that is at a disadvantage, because I came here from the Philippines [five years ago] so I don’t have the same amount of knowledge as everyone else. I think Asians are smarter because they work harder,” freshman Julia Quizon said.

Regardless of their academics achievement, these students forbid themselves from letting their personal issues play a role in their academia.

“Certain situations that people are put through, determine that decisions they want to make for themselves. If being in an economic crisis motivates them to do better and be something big in life then yes, I think these reasons do influence us.” Yang said.