Singing Valentines returns


Dana Filipczyk

Senior Andy Riddle, sophomore Steve Aderton and junior Ben Crane pose during R1 chorus to practice “Blue Moon,” which is a part of the song selection for Singing Valentines.

A traditional Valentine’s Day at AHS includes roses, chocolates and an interruption in the middle of class to be serenaded by a love song. The annual fundraiser Singing Valentines has returned and choral students are set and ready to fill the hallways with tunes.

Singing Valentines were on for sale from Feb. 11 to 13 during all lunches. They cost $5 and students can choose who they want to send one to, the song to be performed, the class period to send it during and if they want to add a note. Then on Feb. 14, chorus students will deliver the Singing Valentines throughout the day during classes.

“[I look forward to] the students having an opportunity to showcase their talents throughout the school and in front of their peers,” chorus teacher Jessica Irish said.

The tradition of Singing Valentines proves to be successful each year, leaving many students and teachers excited for this Valentine’s Day ritual. Last year approximately $1,200 was raised out of this event to help fund choral department operations.

“I love participating and I am really looking forward to it this year,” senior Jessica Strong said. Strong will be performing Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with the other members of Annandale Singers.

Along with Annandale Singers’ song, Men’s Chorale’s “Blue Moon” and Women’s Ensemble’s “When I Fall in Love” are performed every year as a part of the tradition. The rest of the song selections vary year to year, allowing choir students to pick the love songs they want to sing.

“Of course I like the fact that I can get out of the class for the day, but what I really love the most is hanging out and performing with my friends in Annandale Singers,” Strong said. “We make great music and the school gets to experience that as we sing in many different classrooms.”

This year’s event is slightly different from the past. The choir department is collaborating with SNHS to help raise money for the annual fundraiser Pennies for Patients, which was initiated on Feb. 4 and ends on March 1, with the donations going toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Roses and chocolates were on sale for $2 each during lunches as well and can be delivered with a Singing Valentine on Feb. 14.

“On previous knowledge on the success of Singing Valentines, we wanted to collaborate with the choir department because we are trying to make this the most successful Pennies for Patients campaign so far,” SNHS secretary and senior Yanira Guerra said. “We tried to make this fundraiser most convenient for the students, and we have a variety of options. You can order just roses, or just chocolates, you can order both and you could order them with a Singing Valentine.”

This partnership with SNHS could possibly become a part of the tradition of Singing Valentines.

“If it seems to be successful this year, we will collaborate in future years,” Irish said.

Out of the many reasons for why many students and teachers enjoy Singing Valentines each year, a major one that cannot be forgotten is the reaction when someone receives one.

“I enjoy watching a person get [a Singing Valentine] because it’s funny,” junior Nataly Canedo said. “That person gets all embarrassed and starts turning red by blushing.”