UPDATE: Flashing incident reported near Commons Drive and Rectory Lane


Olivia Lafferty

The flashing incident was reported in the area of Commons Drive and Rectory Lane.

Today Principal Vincent Randazzo released a safety and security warning to all parents and faculty about a flashing incident that was reported to administration yesterday. A girl was walking to school in the area of Commons Drive and Rectory Lane when a Hispanic male stopped his car, approached her and then proceeded to expose himself before driving away from the scene. He was seen wearing a black jacket at a 5′ 7″ height, appeared to be around 170 pounds and was driving a dark green, older model sedan. The man had never been seen in the area by the girl before.

“The [flashing incident] makes me very nervous because sometimes I walk home with my friend to her house who lives on Commons Drive,” senior Mairead Kennedy said. “I fear not only for my safety, but her safety as well.”

Several students fear that this adds to the heightened worry over school safety that has already sprung up this year, such as the fights at AHS that broke out because of things said on Twitter and the nationwide shootings that have occurred in schools.

“I’ve already been a little worried about whether or not schools are safe because of what’s been happening with the recent fights in our school and school shootings this year,” junior Cynthia Weiner said. “I can only hope that people find more decency in this world and stop doing things that could possibly harm us, especially in and around school.”

“There are no reported suspects at the time,” Randazzo said. “As always, we will do our best to ensure the safety of our school.”

If anyone may have any information about the flashing incident, they are urged to contact Fairfax County police by filling out a crime report located on their website or by contacting them on their hotline at 703-324-7329.