Sophomores prepare to present MYP personal projects


Bayley Brill

Sophomore Sahara Sarker works on her MYP project about a poster on forensics and technology.

After months of preparation, the sophomore class is getting ready to present their final products for their MYP projects.

MYP stands for the Middle Years Program, which is the middle school part of the IB program, which ends sophomore year. To obtain the MYP certificate a student must obtain a SCORe as well as pass their MYP project.

The project was handed out at the beginning of November, with three  different checkpoints throughout the year.

“The point of the project is to find something you’re interested [within the four areas of study] and research it,” sophomore Maria Pinto said.

Students first must pick an advisor and meet with them throughout the process to help guide them along the way. By the first checkpoint, students must have found an advisor and have picked an area of interaction.

By the second checkpoint, students must complete their research and show proof to their teacher by using their MYP journal. The third and final checkpoint is to compete their personal project.

The personal project can be anything the student wants to make, such as scrapbooks, blogs, posters or power points.

“I’m making a poster on forensics and technology,” sophomore Sahara Sarker said.

While the point of the project is to help students find an area of study they enjoy, and to understand the world and how it works, many do not see its point.

“I don’t see the point of it; if you don’t enjoy what you’re researching its not that much fun,” sophomore Samah Faris said.

The MYP Personal Project Fair will be held on April 17 in the cafeteria during Atom Time.