Six pool exercises

The water adds an extra challenge for regular exercises.

1. Leg Kicks

If you have ever taken a swimming class when you were younger then this may be familiar. Find a spot on the edge of the pool and make sure there isn’t anyone around you in a three feet radius. Hold you on to the edge and extend your arms. Then kick your legs, try to move only your lower half to create a better workout.

2. K-Thread

This exercise will help with your lower body.  Try to find a spot in the pool where you able to tread. Lift one leg up and keep yourself afloat at the same time. Keep it up for around 30 seconds then switch to the other leg.

3. The Bicycle

This one is similar to the first one. Lie on your back and try to stay afloat. Then move your legs in the way you would ride a bike. Try to keep your body to help create ab strength. You can also keep you back against the wall and bike from there.

4. Knee Crosses

This exercise can be done outside of the pool too, but the water makes your muscles more harder because of the weight of it. Lift your left leg and touch it with your right elbow. Then lift your right leg and touch it with your left elbow. Repeat until you reach 20 reps.

5. Swing

Hold on against the edge of the pool and hold yourself as if you try to get out of the pool. Lift one leg by your side and hold for ten seconds. Then switch to the other leg. This will help your thighs. Remember to lift your leg as high as you can.

6. Crunches

Again, go to the edge of the pool. Put your legs up in a 90 degree angle and hold yourself up with your hands for the mean time. The back of your knees should touch the edge. Then curl up without the support of your arms.