Honor Roll Breakfast

Honor Roll Breakfast

Today during Atom Time, the PTSA hosted its quarterly Honor Roll Breakfast. Many students were excited to take part in the celebration with friends who also had a permission slip to attend.

“I got to spend time with my friends and had the satisfaction of being on the honor roll,” senior Katherine Thomas said.

The PTSA organizes the event every quarter to allow for recognition of students who obtain A-B’s on their on their report card. Today, the breakfast consisted of donuts, juice, and an opportunity to be with friends in the cafeteria through the duration of Atom Time.

“I ate four donuts,” junior Aviad Gebrehiwot said. “Krispy Kreme is my favorite.”

However, some students who received the permission slip for the breakfast chose not to attend.

“I didn’t go because I would rather use the time to do homework so that I stay on the honor roll,” senior Travis Swann said.

Whether or not the students chose to attend the event or not, they look forward to being on the honor roll next quarter.

“My goal is to be on the honor roll every quarter this year,” Swann said. “Whether I go to the next breakfast will depend on how much I really want a free donut.”